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Feb 19, 2007Added Tack sale info
Dec 17, 2006added pics
Jan 22, 2006updated calendar, added tack sale info
Jan 3, 2006updated calendar, non-4h horse shows, misc, added show info
Sept 22, 05Added pics, updated calendar
Sept 2, 05Added pics, added class list for Sept show
Aug 15, 05Various updates throughout the site
Mar 22, 05Added more photos
Feb 1, 05Added photos, updated calendar
Nov 7, 04New format and updated various pages
Oct 24, 04Removed old pictures, added new, updated various pages
Mar 20, 04Updated home page, added hippology results to Levels page, cleaned up here and there.
Jan 29, 04Updated Calendar
Oct 6, 03Updated Photo Album
July 26, 03Updated Photo Album
May 16, 03Updated Calendar - changed the date for 1st qualifier
May 3, 03Added some pictures from Open Barrel show... more to come.
April 26, 03Added Pic from Horse Bowl, Presentations
April 7, 03Updated calendar
Mar 15, 03 Added Tack Sale Flyer
Mar 10, 03Deleted most of 2002/2003 photo album, updated other pages
Feb 20, 03Added a couple Achievement night pics, updated calendar
Oct 6, 2002Added Sept. meeting minutes, added state fair pics
Sept 9, 2002Added July meeting minutes
Aug 30, 2002Added the class list of the Fall Fest Show
Aug 18, 2002Updated Calendar
Aug 4, 2002Added Costume Page to photo album
July 28, 2002Removed all year 2000/2001 photos.  Finished adding all of the 2nd Qualifier photos and add what I had for the Fair.
July 9, 2002Added June minutes
July 7, 2002Added pics, combined Levels of Achievement to be only one page, Consolidated the minutes to one page, added comment to home page to remind everyone I'm deleting the 2001 photo album, updated State Fair schedule
June 2, 2002Added pics.
May 27, 2002Added pics, added results of State level competitions
May 5, 2002Added pics of ERR club meeting
May 4, 2002Added April Minutes, add pics, updated Calendar
April 4, 2002Added March minutes
Mar 24, 2002Updated calendar and Horse Bowl, Hippology placings, also updated various pages around the site.
Mar 13, 2002Added HPPDC info
Mar 6, 2002Updated the calendar and many pages throughout the site.
Feb 9, 2002Added HPPDC info, updated calendar, Added Horse Bowl questions and answers
Jan 24, 2002Updated Guestbook
Dec 23, 2001Added Pictures of Achievement Night to photo album, added HPPDC info, updated calendar
Nov 10, 2001Added Jilly's picture and results to the home page.
Nov 5, 2001Updated calendar and Levels of Achievement
Oct 23, 2001Added info on Tioga's Tack Sale, added a link from drill team info page to the photo album page with them.
Oct 6, 2001Added some pictures from Open show, removed the "Clubs" page.  East River Riders link is still in the "Related Links" page.   Condensed and neatened up pages here and there.
Oct 2, 2001Added a couple lines of 4H news, updated calendar.
Sept 10, 2001Added lots of pictures of County Fair, changed photo album structure, updated calendar
Aug 27, 2001Add Open Show class list, add a picture from County fair in odds/ends page, Update placings for Hippology, Drill team at State Fair.
Aug 19, 2001Update Calendar, change location for other shows
Aug 4, 2001Editted header on Home Page, updated calendar
July 21, 2001Removed the "Other Events" page - have same info in calendar, added a visual calendar to main calendar page, added more pics
July 13, 2001Put Pictures on-line in the photo album
July 6, 2001Event dates, added NYS fair page, added this UPDATES page, improved some page links
May 16, 2001 April 22, 2001It took me a little while to see the usefulness of having this page - it showed when people would ask what was updated.
Mar. 23, 2001March was the 1st time this website was public.
Mar. 28, 2008 Re-Created website using new program - WYSISYG WebBuilder 5
Updates to website
Old list of Updates to Original site.  Probably will not keep any other than the original date of Publication - Mar. 23, 2001.