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Levels of Achievement

We have 7 "levels" that the kids can do to learn more outside of the club environment and have fun. They get credit for each level at the end of the year and are given recognition and awards at that time.
Horse Bowl, Hippology, Presentations, Horse Judging, Rally, Drill Team, Horse Shows

If you are a member of a Broome County 4H family, we would love to have your help with running these events. From preparing the grounds before a show, to helping set the ring up for different classes, to running the gate, helping with presentations, join in Horse Bowl, Hippology, Drill and so on.
We can also use help with fundraisers like the tack sale or educational weekends like the Rally.

If you would like to help or have ideas on how to improve the program, let us know and jump right in and give us a hand. This program is run by volunteers that are primarily members and/or friends of the 4H families and as the
4-H'ers graduate, we need volunteers to take over for the parents that leave.

Most of the "classroom" type of projects are done in the winter and spring. Judging and Drill team start indoors and then move out as the weather improves.
Horse Bowl
Horse Bowl is based on the old college bowl game. It is a lot like the present day game shows where the contestants have to buzz in first and answer a question. We have Novice, Junior and Senior teams that go to competition.

Hippology stands for the "study of the horse". It is a very broad competition that requires knowledge of every facet of the equine world. The questions are on tack, feed, anatomy, breeds, illnesses, conformation, handling, and any other topic that can be thought of.

Public Presentations
Public Presentations are a very helpful level to achieve. The kids that have been doing them for a couple of years have no problem speaking in front of a group. In fact, most of them enjoy it. They can really grow with the experience that they gain in this activity.
There are several levels to this activity. They can do a club presentation and/or a county presentation. If they qualify at the county level, they go onto regional, hopefully to state and if they have done really well, they can go to national competition in Kentucky.
There are a couple of different ways they can present.
They can do a demonstration/presentation which would include posters and props.
They can do public speaking which is strictly speaking without any props of any kind.
They can do a job/college interview to gain experience in that type of a situation.

Horse Judging
Horse Judging is an activity that teaches the 4-H'er to look at a horse and see what are the good points and what are the faults of a horse. They learn about conformation, blemishes and unsoundnesses. The group will spend time with going to farms, going to shows, watching videos and practicing giving "oral reasons" as to why they would place one horse above another.

Horse Rally is a one or two day learning experience. The past several years it has been held over 2 days and the kids are very busy. They bring their horses and they have a whole schedule of events to choose from for what they want to do. The goal is to have something for everyone. We usually have gymkhana, pleasure, jumping and then a lot of the things that are helpful on the side: How to present your horse, how to clip, what a farrier is doing, how an equine dentist can help your horse and so on.

Drill Team 2005
This is a patterned ride to music. There are 6 to 12 riders on a team. The ride has a 5-10 minute time limit and has 4 basic moves that must be done within that time. The balance of the ride can be moves they make up. The riders must use walk, trot and canter in the ride.
The Broome County Drill Team is fairly new. It is now in it's 10th year and is doing very nicely. The riders start meeting in the winter to get their music and their pattern. They will practice that as much as possible inside so that when the weather breaks, they can get more quality time on the horses.
We also had for the first time (2001) a "walk/trot" drill team. This team is open to any 4-Hers that would like to join drill team but haven't cantered in a group yet (also for anyone that doesn't feel ready for the regular team even if you have cantered). Since the regular team is constantly trying to improve, they need to make their rides more challenging and it may be too much for new riders. This team is done at a walk and trot only, allowing the riders to know what is it like to work as a team but not have the pressure of cantering.
There is also an option for a parade team if there are 5 members interested in that.

Horse Shows 2005
Horse shows are one of the favorite levels for the 4-H'er in this program. This is where they can put the knowledge that they have acquired in their club and in the other activities to work and show off their horse. We normally have 2 shows that are "qualifying" shows to select which riders go to state competition at the New York State Fair (in August). We also have a show at the Broome County Fair at the end of July.
The last 3 years we have also had an open show in the fall to help as a fundraiser. This show has turned out very well and we are looking forward to doing it again this year.
In the spring we have added an Open Game Show. It is early in the year and everyone seems to really enjoy it.
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